About us

"I love creating my own styles and being my own person. With all the inspiration I have acquired while travelling the world, I decided to create an online blog so that I had a place to share whatever I found with the people I love. The more beautiful things I found the bigger the project became until it naturally grew to what it is now. I hope you will enjoy!"

- Lucy (CEO and Founder)


Welcome to the Boho Boutique!

Our story started about 5 years ago, when the fulltime job I had was not bringing me any more satisfaction. When you're not happy to go to work every morning, you know it's time for a change. I always loved the people I worked with, but I was missing the challenge, the freedom. After a long consideration it led me to give up my job and take a year off, to live off my savings. That's when I started planning my journey around the world, to search for meaning, freedom and most of all the really get to know myself. 

It was de best decision I ever made. The countries I've visited, the people I've met, and the beautiful things I have been able to see have motivated me to start a journal. I wanted to share my stories with my family, my loved ones but mostly my kids, so I started an online blog! Every week I would write a new blog, to share everything I experienced. I travelled for over 3 months, and by the time I got back home, I had over 500 readers daily! 

Readers started asking if I could share more of the international cultures, products and items I wrote about. And so the Boho Boutique was born! 

We are a small local business located in the Netherlands, doing our best to offer exceptional service and quality to our customers. We created the Boho Boutique to represent our own style in life and we hope you enjoy our selected products.

I LOVE travelling to new countries to find our customers great products at an affordable price, while striving to provide excellent customer service. We are here to answer any questions you many have about our products, changes in your order or shipments.

I really hope you love what I've created! 

All my love,